"I help businesses eliminate the excuses that hinder progress and profit, while building focused cultures, and driving wild success!

Larry Mietus ("Leadership Larry") is the Founder of Speaking of Strategy. He is an independent business advisor, speaker, author, podcaster, and educator with a wealth of practical, hands on experience. His expertise encompasses leadership development, organizational design, employee engagement, and sales and marketing strategies. His clients run the gamut from "Mom and Pop" businesses to international enterprises. He is a frequent contributor on LinkedIn and business blogs and has been featured on the Business Innovators Radio Network.  Larry has also been quoted in HR Magazine, the most widely read and respected Human Resources publication in the world. When he is not serving as a trusted business guide he is available to speak at corporate events.

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Eliminate Excuses!

Become a person who takes action and doesn't tolerate excuses. At the end of every chapter in my book you'll find Take Action Tips to utilize, with over 100 tips in all. Breaking out of the excuses trap will help you to create more success and satisfaction in your professional and personal lives.

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His unique blend of energy, experience, education, and entertainment keeps audiences engaged. He drives home significant points with powerful storytelling!

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How do you feel at work today? With input from organizational psychologists we have adapted our cloud based survey methodology to gather even more pertinent weekly feedback from your employees which will allow you to lead your team today and support them as we navigate the ever changing workplace landscape.  Employee engagement and sustainability have never been more important!           

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