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Speaking of Strategy...

 was founded on the belief that four critical factors each play a role in business and personal success:





At the organizational level are you attracting the best people available and are you retaining them? You may have the best products, services, technology and marketing but without the best people you'll fall short on success. Are you pushing yourself as an individual to be the best you can be? Are your business, family, health, community and spiritual "houses" in balance? 

 Are you going "through the motions" or are you actively engaged in your professional and personal lives? Have you "lost your spark" or are you eager for every day...tackling challenges and creating opportunities? Are your company's associates picking up a paycheck or building a career?

 Does your organization have a success strategy? Do you have professional and personal goals for yourself? Without plans it is easy to never get started down a path or to end up distracted and off course.

 From time to time it's good to ask questions inside your organization such as: What are we focused on? What should we start doing? What should we stop doing? What might we need to do in the future? Great plans fail without solid execution, regular communication and accountability.