Larry Mietus is the Founder of Speaking of Strategy. He is an independent business consultant, speaker, author, podcaster, and educator with a wealth of practical, hands on experience. His expertise encompasses leadership development, organizational design, employee engagement, and sales and marketing strategies. His clients run the gamut from "Mom and Pop" businesses to international enterprises. He is a frequent contributor on LinkedIn and business blogs and has been featured on the Business Innovators Radio Network.  Larry has also been quoted in HR Magazine, the most widely read and respected Human Resources publication in the world. When he is not serving as a trusted business advisor he is available to speak at corporate events in live or virtual settings.

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Speaking of Strategy...

 was founded on the belief that four critical factors collectively play a role in business and personal success:





Are you attracting the best people available to your organization and are you retaining them? Are people engaged (how do you know?) or simply earning paychecks? Is your company built to appeal to Millennials, who currently make up the largest percentage of the workforce? Are you developing yourself as an individual to be the most effective leader you can be? 

"Leadership Moving Forward" - On Demand Learning

Learn how to lead into the future as society and business navigate worldwide events, uncertain economies, and changing workplace dynamics.

Discover how effective leaders can master new ways of thinking, communicating, deciding and caring as we all move forward.

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The theories and practices surrounding workplace motivation are changing. There is a difference between what you can influence and what you can control. Do you know what really fuels passion at your place of work?


Does your organization have a success strategy? Do your personal plans include the evaluation of your role, the best use of your time and talents and an exit strategy? Is your organization drowning in a sea of unrealistic performance indicators?


From time to time it's good to ask questions inside your organization such as: What are we focused on? What should we start doing? What should we stop doing? What might we need to do in the future? Great plans fail without solid implementation, regular communication and measured accountability. Are you operating under the "we've always done it this way" mentality?

Employee Engagement. Getting Hearts & Heads "Into the Game" at Work!

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Today more than ever before companies need to "be in touch" with the moods of their employees and the level of their engagement (given the shift to working remotely). At 2DAYSMOOD we're still employing the same award winning technology that we pioneered years ago based upon a single question "How do you feel at work today?"

With input from organizational psychologists we have adapted our cloud based survey methodology to gather even more pertinent feedback from your employees which will allow you to lead your team today and support them as we all migrate into the future of work.

At 2DAYSMOOD we are offering companies the opportunity to monitor the moods of their employees for 4 weeks at no charge. Here's the link to the details or simply call me at 716-901-4352.            

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