Breakfast Bits (Or Lunch 'n Learn If You Prefer)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Why not nourish your body and your brain? Larry will conduct a 60 minute learning session at your place of business. We can "cook something made to order" or you can select from these "menu items":

  • Bond Better...Sell More!
  • The Millennial Workforce - Harness the Power!
  • Achieving Dynamic Leadership
  • Customer Service Expectations 
  • Strategic Organizational Design (Recruit, Train and Retain Top Talent)
  • Masterful Communication 
  • Game Changing Performance Reviews - "How do you feel at work today?"
  • Career Making (or Breaking) Business Etiquette
  • Building and Protecting Your Corporate Culture
  • Diversifying Diversity
  • Is It Sales or Networking?
  • Why Should Anyone Follow Your Lead?
  • New York State Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Required by law).