Leadership Development

Today's rapidly changing workplace has set the bar high when it comes to what organizations expect from leaders. We quickly realize when those expectations are not being met. Dynamic leaders can directly impact measurable metrics such as talent attraction, talent retention, quality, revenue, profitability, bench strength, strategic planning and execution, market share and shareholder return. I personally coach and mentor leaders at every organizational level to be more productive and effective while having more fun!

Business Consulting

Each and every business is unique. There are challenges and opportunities that business owners face daily be they entrepreneurs or seasoned veterans. Let me strategically assist you with creating opportunities, solving challenges, and eliminating excuses. 

Corporate Professional Development

People are the most valuable resource that an organization has. Taking business performance to the next level involves everyone on the team. I can design and deliver developmental solutions for your organization that will have a positive impact. Topics include but are not limited to: interpersonal communication, negotiating, decision making,delegation, time management, dynamic presentation skills and a host of other competency areas.

Sales Generation

Without sales...well, you know the rest. Selling is a combination of art, science, strategy, technology, product knowledge, people skills and persistence. Many organizations sell without any strategy. That approach works for a fixed period of time but it is not sustainable over the long run. I can help your sales team get focused and productive while enjoying selling again. I bring years of consultative selling and sales management experience to the table from the advertising, real estate, higher education, corporate training and business consulting sectors.

 "It's about people, passion, the plans and the process!"

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